Testimonials – Coaching Clients

During the period that I was coached by Francois, I found him, at all times to be a total professional and true to his vocation.

I was able to develop a very genuine relationship with him due to the fact that at all times he created a very safe space which resulted in the building of real trust and mutual respect.

He challenged me, was at times very direct and asked those difficult questions. He made me think, he made me see things differently, and he encouraged me. All this was done in such a way that I was always comfortable sharing thoughts and information that I would not normally have done.

I came away from each session having gained fresh insights, clear actions and a motivation to move forward in areas of both my personal and business life that I had previously struggled with.

In short, you haven’t been coached until you’ve been coached by Francois!

Lyle English, CEO – CCS Training, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I was coached by Francois with regards to the VISION I set for myself after our NLP/HNLP Practitioners Course.

The sessions were facilitated in a relaxed manner and I felt completely safe to share my dreams and how I interpreted the training – especially with regards to the unfolding of my VISION for the next three years.

Francois has a way of asking the most crucial, direct, yet thought-provoking questions – and this caused me to think much deeper to discover my own voice within. He doesn’t lead the conversation, and he doesn’t urge you to find the answers. Francois is an expert in listening. He listens with the intention to understand.

I am grateful to have found a Business and Life Coach who is more than able to help, assist, guide, inspire and motivate me in a way that fits my own character and belief system.

I am recommending his sessions to anyone who knows a lot, has read a lot, has attended and participated in many courses – because Francois has a way to make you think DEEPER and get to the root of your uncertainties, insecurities and doubts.

Annie Coetzee – Author, Professional speaker, Pretoria, South Africa 

You did an amazing job of coaching. It was a light-years jump in just 30 minutes, and thanks for spending the extra time on the business model canvas. It seems I am finally ready to be a bit more solution-focused.

I also really appreciate that you shared your own journey from statistics and computer science. You said those experiences were your “school fees” and that is how I’ve been thinking about these last couple of years. Now I see that my 15+ years in manufacturing and engineering were also school fees 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Emily Nichols, Ideator in Residence, Toronto, Canada

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Francois over some months on various topics, ranging from strategic goal setting, overcoming personal challenges, exploring new career options and managing relationship dynamics.  Francois brings a wealth of personal, business and life experience into a robust and well-rounded approach, based on reality and stretching thinking into what might be possible, to allow for the emergence of workable solutions.

Francois is a good listener and has an authentic, heart-based approach, adding new perspectives, creative ideation, neurolinguistics and reframing the ways of handling the challenges at hand. Francois always brings in something extra, adding value far beyond the coaching session and continues in his support long afterwards.

Marlies Grindlay, Flavour and Fragrances Specialist, Johannesburg, South Africa