Master Business Practitioner

Are you ready to redefine yourself as an authentic and influential leader? Is it time that you rise up and step into your deserved role as key decision maker with fresh approaches to idea development, innovation, execution and meeting business challenges?

If you are ready – you can take up the challenge to participate in this unique Master Business Practitioner training program that will challenge your assumptions, disrupt conventional thinking and introduce you to fresh and unexpected approaches to meeting business and team challenges. And in return you will be prepared to return to your organization to add value in ways that are insightful and revolutionary.

Our Master Business Practitioner Course is built around powerful techniques that will equip managers and leaders in organizations with the skills and capacity to make a real difference in meeting the challenges their companies face.

We will teach you:

Specific skills you will be taught include:

This training is aimed at leaders and managers that have the ambition to rise above the crowd and wish to become a trusted and valued part of the organizations within which they function. It is specifically aimed at those who want to add value and influence the outcomes of the larger environment within which they function.

Our approach is built around a pre-course self-study program supported by two five day hands-on modules of training and optional post-training coaching support.

Our Business Practitioner training is a prerequisite to this training.

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To ensure personal attention we limit the number of delegates to this exciting training.


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