Coaching Master Class

Are you, as an influential leader, expected to inspire and guide your individual team members to success? Have you ever been asked to share your leadership lessons and help others with their personal and leadership growth? Did you ever want to help someone achieve a better life?

As leaders we are sometimes woefully underprepared for guiding and facilitating others to reach their full potential, or would like to expand our skills on how to more effectively assist others in their journey of discovery. If enabling others is a passion of yours, being a good coach is the first step to uncovering the brilliance in individuals on your team, or in your life.

Our Coaching Master Class will teach you the principles of becoming an inspirational coach and mentor.

We will teach you how to:

Specific skills you will be taught include:

This training is aimed at leaders and managers that are interested in becoming good coaches and enablers of potential in their team members and other important individuals. It is specifically aimed at those who want to add value and influence the learning and growth of high value employees.

Our approach is built around a two day hands-on training and optional post-training coaching support.

Our Master Business Practitioner training is a prerequisite to this training.

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To ensure personal attention we limit the number of delegates to this exciting training.


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