Business Practitioner

Are you committed to building a successful career in which you stand out from the crowd? Are you interested in becoming one of those star performers which always seem to almost effortlessly achieve their business and career ambitions? Do you want to achieve the kind of career success that others admire and wish for themselves?

Then you will definitely want to attend our Business Practitioner course.

Our Business Practitioner Course contains powerful methods and techniques that enable star performers to leverage the power of communication, performance habit development and future thinking to create a well-structured path to excellence and self mastery.

We will teach you to:

Specific skills you will be taught include:

This training is aimed at achievement-oriented people that have a genuine interest and commitment to build an excellent and successful career.

Whether you are a new entrant into the professional world or a veteran of many years, we have the success formula for you to create a compelling shift in your career in just five days of high-impact training.

So if you are up for the challenge, register today!

Our approach is built around a pre-course self-study program supported by a twelve day hands-on training and optional post-training coaching support.

Contact us for more information about this exciting opportunity.

To ensure personal attention we limit the number of delegates to this exciting training. Register soon to ensure you do not miss out!

This training has been developed around proven principles from best-of-breed disciplines which include Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro Associative Conditioning, Appreciative Inquiry, Organizational Development, Future Thinking, the latest neuroscience research and many years of professional business experience from your trainers.


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