How to Do Successful Change Management through the Z-Model of Change®

Business Change Consultant Course

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Join us for this five-day advanced workshop and learn how to become an organizational change champion and leader in your organization.

By attending this revolutionary workshop, you will learn the Z-Model of Change® Process, the techniques for recognizing change pitfalls, and designing change interventions that will guarantee successful and deeply thought-through organizational change solutions.

And you get to do it with internationally regarded trainer, author, and founder of Z-Model of Change®, Martijn de Zoete.

Martijn, a successful business consultant and advisor to senior executives, wealthy banking customers and CEO’s, has always been consumed by the question why one person is successful with initiating business change and others are not.

After becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP, he found the elusive answer and based on his insights developed the Z-model of Change® – a dynamic change model which gives insights into the creative tension and change potential within organizations and its stakeholders. This model has been implemented and used in many international clients for the use in coaching, training and organizational development since then.

And he will teach the Z-model of Change® for the first time in South Africa.

That’s right. You will learn this unique and effective model to create organizational change in your enterprise, or those of your customers, from the creator of the model himself and gain insights into his personal thinking around organizational transformation.

The best part is that you will get access to the workshop pre-work program and the five-day training workshop for just R19,999.00 excluding VAT (discounted from the normal price of € 3,490.00) if you book and pay before 31 October 2019.

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In Martijn’s own words:

I have sought to develop the skills necessary to create meaningful organizational change life for the last tentwenty?? years. After an education in Business Economics and Financial planning, I worked in a number of business development roles and a Professorship Series in Change Management.

 Over time I became very curious about why some people succeed in organizational change and others don’t.

I found the answers in NLP.

 After becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP, I suddenly had new insight in how organizational change may be approached as a practice in success modeling.


This is when I created the Z-model of Change® and wrote the books: “How Change Works: Insight in Change and Development”, and “The Change Perspective: Insights in Change and Development”.

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Creating and managing change is complex.

Often organizational change fails due to one, or more, easily preventable pitfalls which can be avoided if you have the right blend of business change skills and strategic thinking.

Certified Z-model of Change® Consultants are able to recognize pitfalls and suggest interventions in the best interest of the organization, or client. Having this knowledge allows them to intervene and function at the highest levels within organizations which creates the ideal conditions for effective change.

As a participant on the way to become a Business Change Consultant, you will develop the skills to identify and facilitate interventions to change from where the organization currently is, to where they desire to be in the future.

You will learn to be results-oriented, without losing sight of the human perspective, how to focus on the organization’s outcomes and how to serve the roles within the organization and the impact on individual employees.

You will explore how a Business Change Consultant operates at a strategic thinking level, learning how to serve the interests of the strategic executive leaders and the anticipated business future.

You will discover how the Business Change Consultant, as the champion of change, lead a team of Facilitators and Business Change Business Change (Executive) Coaches in order to get the organization transforming and keep the momentum of change.

This is what Patrick Dekkers, Managing Partner of HVR, said after one of our training events:

“Experiencing the Z-model of Change helps me to structure my profession al experience and makes me more effective in communicating with my clients”

And Bernadette van de Laak, HR Advisor Coaching and Development:

 The power of this course is doing, feeling, experiencing and learning from each other’s professional skills, which are very complementary. Building your own change case really helps building your vision in change and structure your case. Simultaneously, it gives you practical tools to use immediately.

Here is just a taste of what you will learn in this training workshop:

Some of the outcomes you may expect: You will learn how to:

What everyone is saying:

“I really have incorporated the model. I feel that I can play with it in every business change situation. I now know what my change weaknesses and strengths are, and I have a great framework that can support me.”

Terry de Zoete, Strategic Environment Manager Provincie Noord-Brabant

 During this course I experienced a striking combination of experiencing the Z-model of Change and the structured execution in my daily practice. This course brought me a lot of knowledge from the professional guidance of Martijn and inspiration from other participants. It was great.

Marion Boons, Bones Consulting

We are only accepting 14 delegates for this exciting workshop.

Book now to avoid disappointment.

Prerequisites for this training: NLP Master Practitioner Accreditation preferable

If you are an NLP Practitioner working in business or an experienced business consultant that are interested in attending this program, please contact us to find out how you might qualify to attend this program.

Date: 2-6 December 2019

Venue: TBC, Centurion Pretoria, South Africa

Need more information:

Martijn will be a guest on a webinar of Francois Coetzee from NLP with Purpose, on 11/07/2019 at 19:00 on which he will discuss the principles of the Z-Model of Change and take your questions. Please register here:

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