What are you willing to sacrifice?

by Francois Coetzee

You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.

James M. Barrie

There is no achievement without sacrifice. And setting out to accomplish something remarkable always comes with the knowledge that sacrifices will be made. And the more remarkable your goal, the greater the sacrifices will be. This is the price we pay for a goal-focused life.

When we set our goals we aim for the outcomes that it will bring. We think of the results and how it will propel us into the future, the feelings we will experience, the feedback and praise of our peers. What we often do not consider is the cost of achieving that goal.

Too many times we lose much on the way to achievement. We lose friends, relationships, family, health and wealth. And most of the time it comes as a surprise, because the passion for what we want obliterates the here and the now.

So ask the question: What is the price this goal is going to cost me? And am I willing to pay it?