What if you already had it?

by Francois Coetzee In a wonderful TED talk, Shawn Achor describes the experience of tying happiness to some future goal. He refers (paraphrasing slightly) to the habit of setting a goal in the distant future and then saying, “Once I achieve ________, I will be happy!” Does that seem familiar? Have you been there? While […]

What are you willing to sacrifice?

by Francois Coetzee You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it. James M. Barrie There is no achievement without sacrifice. And setting out to accomplish something remarkable always comes with the knowledge that sacrifices will be made. And the more remarkable your goal, the greater the sacrifices will be. […]

Is the past in the past?

by Francois Coetzee Your mind and the thoughts contained within it is one of the greatest tools you have for advancing yourself and creating a bright future. At the same time it can be your greatest enemy. Non-productive thinking often creates a negative world within which we create dark futures which cloud the potential and […]

Do you have a big enough goal?

by Francois Coetzee Having goals, or goal themes, is a key part of achievement.Having goals might be as simple as wanting something and then taking steps to get it, or it may be more formal with detailed planning and formal decision making along the way. In the excellent book, ”Alice in Wonderland”, the following conversation takes place: Alice: Would you tell me, […]

Are you ready to let go?

by Francois Coetzee For those with, or around, small children the single-minded persistence in achieving what they set out to do is a familiar experience. A toddler will focus on something and repeatedly attempt it, until what is wanted, is achieved. In our early years, this is the method by which we learn from and […]

The Foundation of Leadership

by Francois Coetzee When leadership is mentioned, most will imagine a formal environment with a leading figure, surrounded by followers. And though this may be the most popular notion of leadership this is not where it starts. There is also the notion of internal, or personal leadership. In his popular book “The Seven Habits of […]