Coaching Statistics

  The Statistics of Coaching! By Francois Coetzee Introduction “80-90% of management and leadership jobs require the ability to coach. Can you coach?” We all love facts and figures. Especially when facts and figures support what we want to sell to prospective clients. Whenever I talk to prospective clients about investing in coaching training, inevitably […]

The Rise of Conscious Leadership

by Francois Coetzee In 2014 Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft. Once considered the giant of the tech industry, Silicon Valley and Wall street analysts regarded the pioneering enterprise as fading towards irrelevance. In a company that was desperately seeking to reclaim the dominance it once held, he was considered a fall-back since many […]

The Foundation of Leadership

by Francois Coetzee When leadership is mentioned, most will imagine a formal environment with a leading figure, surrounded by followers. And though this may be the most popular notion of leadership this is not where it starts. There is also the notion of internal, or personal leadership. In his popular book “The Seven Habits of […]