Eva Wieprecht

Eva is the founder and director of The International Virginia Satir Institute in Germany, Cologne. She is an international trainer who works globally with body-focused approaches.

She is a Systemic Satir Model expert; a facilitator of “Dance Journeys” and Somatic Movement Integration (SMI) work; a hypnosystemic trainer and coach; as well as a Generative Trance and Self-relations Coach.

She facilitates her work in German as well as in English.

Summary of Credentials

  • Director of the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany
  • Certified Satir Trainer in the Enriching Program – based on the teachings of Virginia Satir – by Sharon Loeschen
  • Trainer and Teamleader in Virginia Satir ́s Human Validation Model
  • Certified Hypnosystemic Coach and Consultant – Germany, Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg, Dr. Gunther Schmidt
  • Extensively trained in Generative Trance work and Selfrelations Psychotherapy with Dr. Stephen Gilligan
  • Trainer in the Generative Coaching Program developed by Dr. Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts
  • Certified NLP Coach and Master Trainer – California, UCSC-NLPU, Trained by Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzie Smith, Michael Colgrass, Sid Jacobs
  • Certified NLP Trainer, DVNLP, Germany
  • MBA (University of Cologne, Germany)
  • International consultant, trainer and systemic business coach with a Management and Systemic Process Coaching expertise in family owned businesses


Interview with Eva for the Satir International Journal : Satir International Journal Interview